Absence/Attendance (rev. 7-16)

We encourage attendance as much as possible.  If there are concerns, then the parent(s) can expect the teacher and school director to contact them to discuss the obstacles for attendance, and how we can together improve attendance.

Attendance - Teachers (rev. 4-08)
Consistent attendance of our teachers is important for our students’ education.  Circumstances will arise throughout the year that may prevent him/her from being in school.  The teacher will be responsible for communicating with the school director so that arrangements can be made to procure a prepared substitute.  The teacher will be responsible for providing lesson plans for the substitute.  No teacher should miss more than 15% of their classes.
Building Usage
The religious school will use both buildings.  Special programs may utilize either facility.
No classes will be held on the second day of Jewish holidays.
Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah & Confirmation
Each congregation will be responsible for running its own Consecration, Bar/Bat Mitzvah and Confirmation programs.  This is a congregational obligation and will not be a responsibility of the religious school.
Discipline (rev. 11-28-07)
Teachers will explain behavior requirements to the students on the first day of class.  Teachers will implement the following procedures when misbehavior occurs:
  1. Reminder of appropriate behavior
  2. change in seating location and explain why
  3. If behavior persists, parents will be notified.  A system of positive reinforcement will be instituted by the teacher.  (Interchangeable with #4 at teacher’s discretion)
  4. The teacher may take the child to the school director or Rabbi if it is no longer appropriate for the child to stay in the classroom.  (Interchangeable with #3 at teacher’s discretion)
  5. If unacceptable behavior persists, the parents, teacher and school director will meet to discuss the misbehavior.  
  6. If above guidelines are not effective in managing the student’s behavior, parents will be asked to attend class with their child.  
Parents are responsible for transportation to and from religious school.  Typically, the teachers and school director can not monitor the dismissal of each child.  If parents have any special circumstances regarding who should or should not pick up their child(ren) from school, they should notify the school director.
Field Trips
Parents must sign permission slips and emergency notification forms, to be kept on file in the religious school office, in order for students to participate in field trips.
Games, Toys and Electronic Devices
Games, toys and electronic devices are not permitted in school and will be confiscated by the teacher or school director for the duration of the school day.  Cell phones must be turned off during school hours.
Grade Levels Offered
On Sundays: Grades Gan Katan through 12
On Wednesdays: Grades 2-7
Guests in the Classroom
Guests are welcome in the classroom with prior approval of the teacher.
Illegal Behavior
Any illegal behavior will not be tolerated.  Such behavior can lead to suspension or expulsion and will be reported to the proper authorities.
Information Technology Use
The technology center may be used only for religious school related purposes: Judaic related research, Jewish educational software, and Jewish game playing at appropriate times, and email for school purposes.  Usage will be monitored and supervised by a teacher, aide, school director, rabbi or other school resource person.  Downloading or installing software is not permitted. 
The Issue of “Who is a Jew?”
This is a congregational issue.  Each Rabbi will determine who in his congregation is a Jew. (rev. 7-22-09) This includes those who are actively involved in the process of conversion.  The religious school will have no input in this matter.
Kashrut/Kosher Policy 
The traditions of each congregation will be respected.  When in Temple Emanuel, the students will follow the policies of Temple (no mixing of milk and meat, no shellfish or pork).  When in Ahavas Israel, the students will follow the policies of Ahavas Israel (all food served or distributed must have recognized kosher supervision).  Parents of students with food allergies should notify the school director.
The traditions of each congregation will be respected.  When in Temple Emanuel, the students will follow the policies of Temple – which the wearing of a kippa is left to each individual.  When in Ahavas Israel, the students will follow the policies of Ahavas Israel – which all students will wear a kippa or appropriate head covering during class and services. 
If a student takes any medication, the parent(s) must make sure that student has taken his or her medication prior to religious school.  Teachers and the school director will not administer any medication to students, unless it is an emergency.  Parents should notify the school of any special circumstances.
Non-Member Enrollment
Non-members may enroll their child(ren) in the community school for one year, at which time they will be expected to affiliate with either Temple Emanuel or Ahavas Israel to keep their child(ren) enrolled in school.   (rev. 2-28-07)Affiliated members who cease to be members during the school year, may keep their child(ren) enrolled for the remainder of the school year, but will not be able to enroll the following year without affiliation with one of the congregations.  Any exceptions to this policy will be at the complete discretion of the School Board.  Non-affiliated members may enroll their child(ren) in Gan Katan for any length of time.
Parent Attendance
Parents are welcome in class with advance notification to the school director and/or teacher.
School Cancellations (rev. 2-08)
When it is necessary to cancel school, delay opening or close early because of weather or special emergency, the procedures listed below should be followed:
  1. The School Director will consult current weather conditions and extended forecasts.  The School Director will consult 1 or 2 people of the supervisory staff (curriculum directors and Rabbis).  The School Director will also consult 1 or 2 teachers from outlying areas.  Based on the information from those contacts, the School Director will decide to cancel, delay opening or close early.
  2. A decision to cancel class will be made in a timely manner.  Notification shall be made on the school answering machine, WOOD TV 8 and WZZM Channel 13 websites and live TV.  On Sundays, the decision will be made by 8:00 am.  On Wednesdays, the religious school will be closed when the Forest Hills School District is closed.
  3. Staff members, students and parents are responsible for watching announcements on channel 8 and 13 and their websites.  It will be listed as United Jewish School.
School Hours
In order to enhance the educational experience of our students, the religious school program on Sundays will meet from 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.  On Wednesdays, school hours will be 4:30 – 6:00 pm with an additional Hebrew enrichment program from 6:00 – 6:30 pm that is required for Ahavas Israel students and optional for Temple Emanuel students.
Shabbat and Holiday Service Attendance
The religious school will not mandate service attendance.  Attendance will fall under the parameters of each congregation.
Tuition and Scholarships
Tuition and book fees will be charged.  Scholarships will be awarded based on need, and parents should contact the school director for application information.
Tuition Refunds and Tuition for late enrollment (rev. 5-07)
If a family has paid full tuition for the year, but leaves before the end of the school year, tuition will be reimbursed on a quarterly pro-rata basis as outlined below:
  • Departure within the first quarter of the year will result in a 3/4 tuition refund;
  • Departure between the first quarter and the first half of the year will result in a 1/2 tuition refund;
  • Departure between the first half and the third quarter of the year will result a 1/4 tuition refund; and 
  • Departure after the third quarter will result in no tuition refund.
Departing families who are not current in their tuition payment obligation at the time of departure may, at the discretion of the School Director, be billed for the outstanding balance based on the preceding formula.
Tuition will be prorated for students who enroll in the school after the beginning of the year based on the number of quarters left in the year.
For students who need a little extra help (not for Bar/Bat Mitzvah), tutors be available after school hours at the parents’ expense.
Students are encouraged to give tzedakah at each class session.
Use of Electronics (rev. 2-09)
The use by students (out-going calls, in-coming calls, text messaging, camera use,
game-playing, or any other use) of cell phones, pagers, mp3 players, pda’s,
cameras or personal electronics of any other kind in the school during
school hours is strictly prohibited.  If any such items are used in the
school building by students during school hours it will be taken away and returned after school.
No guns, knives or other weapons will be allowed in the religious school.  Possession of a weapon can lead to suspension or expulsion and will be reported to the proper authorities.