Tuition & Donations

The United Jewish School (UJS) is the religious school for families who belong to Congregation Ahavas Israel and Temple Emanuel. Being a part of congregational life, attending our worship, and participating in our social events create the full and well-rounded Jewish community that we are so proud to be a part of. When you’re part of a congregation, you’re part of a community and a home. When you’re sick, someone will call you up and ask if we can bring you some soup. When you’re celebrating a simcha, we’ll offer you a special blessing for you during our Shabbat service. When you’re experiencing tragedy, we’re there to hold your hand.

For these reasons, we require all families who attend UJS to be members of either Congregation Ahavas Israel or Temple Emanuel. Families may call either congregation to apply for membership M-F from 9-5. Both congregations are happy to work with your family on an appropriate membership plan that your family can be comfortable with.

We will occasionally offer families a one-year grace period to get to know both congregations so they can make a choice as to the best fit for their family. However, we hope families will not use this policy to simply avoid affiliation. Please call Cantor David Fair, the Educational Director of the United Jewish School at (616) 591-1010 for further details. You may also speak with Rabbi David Krishef at Congregation Ahavas Israel at (616) 949-2840 or Rabbi Michael Schadick at Temple Emanuel at (616) 459-5976.


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