2021-2022 Finishing Strong

Boy, oh boy, I am kvelling on what a great year it was at the United Jewish School! I am so proud and grateful of all the hard work of the entire faculty and staff of UJS. It is so commendable to arrive every day with a positive attitude and ready to spread a love of Judaism to our young ones. Teachers were excited and enthusiastic about the day—and the students absorbed it all! It has been such a joy to walk through the halls and hear how much the children were laughing, learning, and playing. They were having fun, gaining pride in being Jewish, and learning so much wonderful Jewish knowledge. We are raising the next generation of the Jewish people. It takes a village – and our village came through!

As I look back on the year, I am reflecting on so many successes. Some of the highlights were the children visiting the Sukkah with Rabbis Krishef and Schadick; emulating the art of Marc Chagall with our art teachers, Deet and John; learning Israeli dance with alumna, Miriam Chrenka; learning Jewish music with Jewish rock star, Elana Arian; raising $613 to plant trees in Israel for Tu Bishvat; studying Jewish Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation (with Corey Dane); delighting in Purim at both the Purim Fair and the Purim Shpiel as well as hamantaschen baking with Zoe Post); going to the Matzah Baking Factory at Chabad; having powerful and meaningful conversations on the Holocaust during Yom Hashoa; and meeting our Israeli Shaliach, Ophir Tal, for our celebration of Yom Ha’atsma-ut! We ended the year with a fabulous BBQ, which included a bouncy castle, face painting, and our Chuzpah Klezmer band!

I am so excited for our first day of school, which will be on Sunday, September 11, 2022. We have some exciting and new ideas in the works, which include a re-imagined educational experience for our students in grades 8-10, so please keep your eyes peeled for that information. 2022-2023 will see UJS keeping the Jewish pride flowing with educational experiences that will stimulate the mind and enliven the soul!
Cantor David Fair

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