UJS October 8, 2021

Dear families of the UJS,

Once again, we had such a great session of UJS this past Sunday!  I am delighted to tell you that I saw students sitting outside having class discussions, innovative art projects happening, singing in the hallway, and even dancing!  Sunday mornings have become a time when the building is alive with energy and learning!

In our T’filah, we learned about an Israeli musical artist named Nissim Black. In our discussion of Torah, we explored B’reishit, specifically Genesis 1:26-27. We watched a video of Rabbi Sandra Lawson speaking about what it means to made B’tselem Elohim, meaningwe are made“in the image of God.” What are our differences that make us special and part of creation’s original design? We also learned a new melody called “Prayer of Healing: El Na R’fa Na Lah” by Todd Herzog.

The UJS board met this week and made a decision regarding the eating of food inside of the building. The board feels that eating poses a health risk in our current environment. Therefore, students will no longer be eating inside of the Temple Emanuel building. However, teachers are welcome to provide eating for their students outdoors.

As always, all parents are welcome to come sit-in on our classes and T’filah every Sunday. Our first period is 9:00-9:55, T’filah is 10:00-10:30, and the second period is 10:35-11:30. If you have any questions or concerns, my door is always open. Please don’t hesitate to contact me directly at cantor@unitedjewishschool.org.

Cantor-Educator, David Fair

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