UJS Update 10/29/2021

Dear UJS parents,

  It has been another week of Jewish learning and building community at the United Jewish School.  As I passed through the hallways this week, I saw:
  • The 1st graders discussed the Jewish value of “Todah” (thanks).
  • The 2nd graders creating some awesome topographical maps of Israel with various materials, including some kitchen staples like rice, dried corn and beans.
  • The 6th graders tackled hard, student-posed questions such as “Can someone have two religions?” and “Are some people more Jewish than others?”
  • The 7th graders talking about some of the languages of Jewish people and how each of them developed.
 In our T’filah assembly, Morah English’s class led us in “Heiveinu Shalom Aleichem,” and we learned about Rabbi Angela Buchdahl (the Senior Rabbi of Central Synagogue in New York City). We recited the prayers of “Asher Yatsar” “Bar’chu” “Sh’ma” and we learned “Oseh Shalom.” Next, we’ll be examining “Mi Shebeirach.”

On November 7th, we will be having our first fire drill. If your child experiences anxiety, we ask that you please let them know in advance.

This weekend is the yahrzeit of the attack at Tree of Life Congregation. We will mention this during our T’filah assembly – but in an age-appropriate manner (since our Pre-K children will be present.) I will not be going into any kind of detail other than saying that “We are observing the anniversary of the attack at Tree of Life Congregation.” We will sit for a moment in silence as we say the Mourner’s Kaddish. It is my hope that the children find this meaningful and memorable.

 We love to have visitors and volunteers in the classrooms, and or in the sanctuary for T’filah. If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know by sending me an email at cantor@unitedjewishschool.org or our administrative assistant, Kreenah Dunsmore, at kreenah@unitedjewishschool.org.
Cantor David Fair
Cantor Educator of the United Jewish School of Grand Rapids
(616) 591-1007 (School office)
616-591-1010 (Cantor’s private line)
*Please note that I do not check emails on Monday, after 3pm on Friday, and all day Saturday. 
2nd Graders masterpieces!
Madricha Sarea leading topographical Isrel map project
B'tzelem Elohim

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